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Seek and Destroy Ardisia and Other Invasive Exotic Plants

I’m afraid it is going to take a community effort, a community campaign, to resolve this problem. Many of our woodland parks are literally being smothered by invasive non native plants. To the untrained eye, one may see pretty green plants growing along the trails of places canada goose outlet nyc like Phipps Park in northern Tallahassee, but look moreclosely cheap Canada Goose and one canada goose outlet new york city will see thickets of a plant with bright red berries called coral ardisia.

Donna Legare is the co owner of Native Nurseries and has a BS degree in Wildlife Ecology and Forestry from the University of Florida

Coral ardisia, canada goose outlet store occurring naturally from Japan to northern India, was introduced into Florida for ornamental landscaping in the early 1900s. It was valued in the landscape trade for its dark waxy leaves with scalloped edges and its bright red fruit along with its small stature, growing 2 to 4 feet tall. Unfortunately, coral ardisia did not stay in people’s canada goose factory sale yards where it was planted. It quickly formed carpets of seedlings that reached a density of greater than 100 plants per square meter. Its berries were eaten and distributed to natural areas by cheap canada goose birds, canada goose uk outlet where more carpets of ardisia began to grow and spread.

By the 1980s, it was becoming well established in natural areas and currently is found in large thickets, often in floodplains and rich Canada Goose online woodlands as it is most happy in moist soil.

If this plant is so pretty and birds and canada goose outlet parka other wildlife eat the berries, why should we remove it from our parks and yards? The problem is that ardisia displaces native wildflowers and other native plants, such as trillium, canada goose black friday sale wild violets and ferns. University of Florida studies have shown that it reduces the already dim light of forest understories by an additional 70%, thereby shading out native seedlings.

Our native insects have not evolved to be able to digest the chemicals in the canada goose outlet canada leaves of this Asian plant so when coral ardisia infests a canada goose outlet in usa natural area forming a monoculture, it impacts the ecology of the area. Insects that would have fed on wild violets and other native plants lose their habitat, and then animals that would have fed on these insects need to go elsewhere for food and so on up canada goose outlet black friday the food chain.

Coral Ardisia has spread into natural areas, Canada Goose sale canada goose outlet sale displacing native vegetation.

There is something you can do to help with this canada goose uk black friday problem. I encourage everyone reading this article to poke around your yard in search of this plant. Look for the dark green leaves with wavy margins and bright canada goose outlet shop red berries mostly below the leaves. This plant is designated a Category I Invasive by the State of Florida. Pull this plant up and dispose of it in the trash. If it is too large for you to dig or pull, cut the berries off and dispose. Do not compost. Learn what the small seedlings look like and remove them when they are much easier to pull.

A good way to learn about invasive non native plants is to meet with others to work in area parks. In my Betton Hills neighborhood, neighbors have been working together to remove ardisia, ligustrum and Chinese tallow from McCord Park. For the past few years, the Florida Trail Association, the Florida Native Plant Society and the City of Tallahassee Parks Recreation have been organizing educational and work mornings to remove coral ardisia canada goose outlet reviews from Elinor Klapp Phipps Park (see below details on upcoming work https://www.londonbc.co.uk mornings). We welcome scout troops, highschool students needing service hours, families, trail users and anyone who is interested in “giving back” to our parks.

This job will never end as long as we allow ardisia and other invasives to flourish in our yards, especially if we live near natural areas and parks. My husband considers it his patriotic duty canada goose outlet store uk to remove invasive plants. So be vigilant; seek and destroy ardisia and do something good for the environment today!

Bring water, cheap canada goose bug spray, garden gloves and wear shoes appropriate for hiking. Bring canada goose store a clipper or shovel if you own them.

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