Buck knew I was no sharp shooter and it showed in how carefree


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Today we see that his way of trusting the process connected him with profound counsel about the direction we needed to take. We didn’t, and we are paying the price. It’s easier to do nothing, get caught up in who’s right/who’s wrong debate. These services can include anything from training classes, customizations, or help with installation issues. In the case of local software companies, keep in mind, they should automatically provide some sort of on site services (at a minimum) before purchasing. This can only help to streamline your implementation process and increase the likelihood of your success, with the added benefit of a higher return on investment (ROI), who wouldn’t like to have that..

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I often talk to friends or clients who are in new relationships that they know just aren’t quite working, but cling to them anyways. They complain a lot about it and find themselves obsessing over texts and phone calls. One thing I always ask them is, “Does it make you happy more often than it makes you stressed or upset?” If you can honestly answer yes, then maybe hang on to see if you can smooth out the bumps.

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